2388 East 500 South, Anderson, Indiana 46017

Contact Larger Barn = Ryan Ennis 317-408-8898

Softball Hitting/Pitching Barn and Field =Bruce Benefiel 765-610-1235

The Story Goes

In 2013 I had a problem finding a place for my kids travel basketball teams to practice.  The schools and locations were hard to find and coordinate a dependable time.  One day a friend heard my complaints and offered his backyard as a place to build a facility.  I proposed a 50×80 Pole barn with concrete floors. It took off from there, we added basketball goals, volleyball nets.  Soon we relied a seating and kitchen/bathroom area was needed.

So we added a 20×30 kitchen, bath and a loft for additional seating. We have added additional parking and supplies.  We also have parties for kids and friends as well. So in Summer of 2013 we created the Ennis Barn. We have water, heat, chairs, tables to make it comfortable place to practice and watch. Ennis barn is made for basketball and volleyball, but softball and soccer training goes on inside a well.

Ennis-Benefiel Barns

We call it the Ennis barn, because there is another smaller barn attached to the Ennis Barn called the Benenfiel Barn.  Benefiel barn is a softball hitting and pitching barn.  It is 30×60 with a small sitting area. It is made for softball training only.


Ennis Barn is an 50×80 barn with 6 basketball goals and 1 volleyball court.

The Benefiel Barn is a 30×60 barn for softball hitting and pitching training.

In the Ennis barn is a seating area with batroom and kitchen area.


Ryan Ennis 317-408-8898

Bruce Benefiel 765-610-1235